Zettex Rust and Lime Remover

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Zettex Rust and Lime Remover
Zettex Rust and Lime Remover is a concentrate based on phosphoric acid for removing rust and cleaning metal surfaces.

• Sour

• Highly concentrated acid cleaner
Available forms:
• 5 Ltr
• 10 Ltr
• 25 Ltr
• 60 Ltr

• Transparent
For removing rust, burnt-on metal shavings from paint/varnish, surface rust, calcification/staining and cement residue; as well as brown rust stains around drains, chimneys, hawse pipes, ship decks, cement mixers, wash rooms and the bow of ships.
Funktioner Specifikation
Change in condition/boiling point approx.100
Density g/ml (20°C) 1.118
Vapour pressure mbar (20°C) approx.40
Viscosity mPas (20°C) <19
pH value diluted (20°C) 1.1
pH value 1% water-based solution (20°C) 1,94
Auto-ignition temperature (°C) Unknown
Solubility in water (20°C): 20 mg/l unlimited solubility
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