Electroclean Z

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Electroclean Z
Product description
Zettex Electro Clean is a clear and odourless degreaser designed for the safe cleaning of sensitive electronic components. Zettex Electro Clean is a much friendly alternative to traditional cold degreasers, petroleum, trichlor, perchlor, white spirits and stream cleaners.


Suitable for immersion and pump systems
Ready to use
Environmentally friendly
Does not damage clothing 
Barrel 10 L, 25 L, 50 L en 200 L
For cleaning all types of electrical installations and connections such dynamos, starter motors, electric motors and connections. Also suitable as a universal sink and wash basin degreaser.
Funktioner Specifikation
Aromatic content <0,1
Flash Point Ca 80 °C
Boiling Point 175 °C
Ignition temperature 250 °C
Vapour pressure at 20g 2hPa
Density 0,76 gr/cm3
Solubility in water at -1 20 gr/ltr
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